Tuesday 24th March – Coronavirus Update for IDS Customers:

      As of today, our office staff in both London and Dubai are working from home. We have worked on the technical and practical measures necessary, so we are able to function as near to normal as possible.

      Our sales teams in London and Dubai are also working from home and may well be in touch with you regarding orders, shipments and payments.

      At the moment we are still able to deliver into London, as long as your Embassy is open. We are also able to receive any further orders and have good levels of stocks to meet those requirements, but please bear with us if we need to substitute some products.

      However, we have halted our exports from London, (we have just one more order to dispatch after a number of postponements and cancellations) and that warehouse team are now also at home.

      We are still able to export from Dubai and deliver to the UAE customers, and have a number of shipments planned to be dispatched in the coming weeks. We have good levels of stock also, and still a very high level of product availability. Our warehouse team has been split into two separate teams to minimise any risks.

      Our sales and customer service teams have been in touch with all customers expecting an order, but as ever, please get in touch if you have any queries and we will do our best to help. The office phone number of +9714 8860671 now has 6 options when you call, which will transfer you to a mobile phone for each department.

      Please continue to make any due payments as normal and let us know if there is a problem. Our banking systems in London and Dubai are working, and it is crucial to our business that we receive payments when due as we also try to navigate through this crisis. Thank you for that.

      If events or circumstances change for our service, we will, of course, update the website.

      IDS is your first choice for Duty Free supplies – we look forward to serving you.

      IDS Exports 2019-20 Brochure.


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